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Token Creek: Copland, Nancarrow, Bach, Schoenberg, Harbison, Haydn

Copland: Two Preludes (1919, 1921)
Copland: Nocturne (1925)
Conlon Nancarrow: Player Piano Piece 3D (1949)
J. S. Bach: Nun komm, du Heiden Heiland (3 versions)
J. S. Bach: Cantabile, ma un poco Adagio
Schoenberg: Six Small Piano Pieces, Op. 19
John Harbison: Suite for Solo Cello (1991)
Haydn: Trio in C Major, Hob. XV:27

Rose Mary Harbison, violin
Parry Karp, cello
Leonard Stein, piano
John Harbison, piano
Bill Lutes, piano


This year's Token Creek Chamber Music Festival got underway Sunday afternoon with a first-rate mix of music by Copland, Nancarrow, Bach, Schoenberg, Harbison and Haydn. Three works stood out as especially rewarding. Pianist Leonard Stein gave a delicately moving account of Schoenberg's Six Small Piano Pieces, Op. 19, the last of which is a dirge for Mahler. Parry Karp displayed great technical and musical mastery in John Harbison's excellent Suite for Solo Cello (1991). Violinist Rose Mary Harbison and pianist Bill Lutes joined Karp for a glittering performance of Haydn's Trio in C Major, Hob. XV:27, its slow movement breathing beauty in every measure.

Isthmus, August, 2000
Copyright 2000 Jess Anderson

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